You’re not being told the full story.

I don’t know if you’ve been caught up in the wave of interest and excitement over the “docu-movie” sweeping the world, “The Secret” – but chances are you’re going to hear about it very soon if you haven’t.

There is something about it which I feel I have to say.

Here’s why…

“The Secret” is a video presentation which you can buy on DVD from hundreds of places on the internet. Just type in “The Secret” to a search engine and you’ll see what I mean.

In a nutshell, “The Secret” is about the Law of Attraction. Which basically states that what you think about often enough, eventually comes to pass. Meaning you can actually create your “world.” In fact, you already have.

It’s about focusing you mind on what you want, instead of what you don’t.

Bottomline is, I agree with it.

In fact, I think the presentation is fantastic. I know I’ve certainly seen some amazing things happen in my life, due to applying the things which are taught in “The Secret.”

Goodness, even in its smallest form – when it comes to parking the car, I never have to wait more than a minute to get a space – even on the busiest days and even when there are heaps of other cars all swarming around looking for a park too. And once you’ve seen the video, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

But that brings me to my frustration with what I’m hearing from people who HAVE seen it, and are who preaching about it to others.

See the main focus of “The Secret” is about using your mind to create your life. It’s about imagining what you want so vividly, so emotionally, so realistically, that you actually contribute to bringing it about.

Now I’ve seen a lot of things happen to myself and to others, which makes you think, “hmmm, this stuff actually works.”

In fact, the people I meet around the world who are super successful ALL DO have this quality about them – this quality of knowing exactly what they want and believing fully that it will happen. Which it invariably does.

Now, I’m not heavily religious. I’m not a fan of religous folks who believe their way is the only way. And in the same way, I’m not a fan of people who are now holding up “The Secret” as the total solution to their unhappy lives.

I think people in my position need to be very careful with what we recommend, and with the advice we give.


There are a lot of people out there who are in desperate situations, and so they need the most accurate advice, if they are to truly turn their lives around.

Let’s face it: I don’t know YOU. I don’t know your qualities. I don’t know your personality … your fears … your knowledge level … or even your commitment level.

And ALL are factors which will play a role in your future success.

So to teach you that all you have to do is dream big about what you want, in order for it to happen … I think is irresponsible.

The reason I believe this is that I know there is ANOTHER quality you must have if “The Secret” is truly going to work in your life.

Yet hardly anyone tells you what I’m about to tell you … in fact, I can’t even think of someone who has made more than a brief hint at it.

Yes, you have to have FAITH that what you’re focusing on will come true.

But for me, there is too much focus on the airy-fairy stuff … the stuff that makes you feel great inside (“just keep dreaming about it and it will happen“) but which robs you of TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for your life.

And I truly hate people being led down a path that could hurt them even more than the one they’re on.

After all, failure only breeds cyncism. So the more you fail, the worse you feel. The worse you feel, the worse things get.

That’s why I feel I have to make the following point, because without it, you … if you’re following “The Secret” and wondering why it’s not working … could end up very disillusioned. And the results of having that in your life could be major.


Dream all you want.

Focus on what you want.

Create as many incantations as you want.

Meditate as much as you want.

But please … please … please…

Take some bloody ACTION of your own.

The core message of “The Secret” is to use your mind and soul to help make things happen. I can tell you that every successful person I know (and many, many multi-millionaires) do use this – BUT THEY ALSO DO ONE OTHER THING EVERYTIME TOO:

They take

    massive action

on their dreams.

They do not wait for the “heavens” to make it happen. THEY make it happen.

This is where they get their TRUE power from. “The Secret” is only half the story. When it’s mixed with MASSIVE action towards your goals … man, wait till you see what happens.

It will explode your mind and take your life in directions that right now seem impossilble.

That’s the true secret. Not sitting at home waiting for the gods to help you, but helping yourself so that EVERY part of you is pulling you in the one direction.

Now, it’s not that folks at “The Secret” have left this part out, but they have truly glossed over it … and focused everyone’s attention on the “dreamy” side.

Meaning that people who do not take the action I’ve suggested, will still be lost. And oh wait, maybe they’ll have to buy more products from “The Secret” in order to “truly” understand. Hmmm, I wonder.

Nothing … and I really mean this… takes the place of YOU taking full responsiblity for your life. And that means, imagining what you want … but then asking yourself what YOU are going to do to help make that dream happen.

So that’s the core message – TAKE ACTION to make your dreams happen.

But let’s look at it another way: Let’s say that what you’re focusing on right now actually comes about very shortly. Great.

But if you’ve reached your goal and you haven’t actually done any work in order to get it, you’ll actually begin to feel another human emotion very, very quickly. And this one is a killer.


Strange, but true. And we hate guilt.

In fact, we hate it so much that you will self-sabotage yourself until the guilt goes away … along with your dream. This is absolutely for certain, no matter who you are.

See understanding how your mind works is very important. Your mind can focus on anything it wants, and help it to come about. But after you achieve that goal, the brain doesn’t shut off and say “okay, have a nice day.”

It’s still there. And still follows the same principles as it follows right now. Meaning, there are certain things we have to do as humans in order to feel good. To feel satisfied. To feel fulfilled. To feel like we are worthy.

And contribution is one of these key things. Meaning we love to feel that we deserve what we have. Because we’ve contributed something. We’ve taken action to make something happen. Know what I mean? Ever experienced this yourself?

Believe it or not, we DO NOT like to have everything done for us. By the “universe” or by other people. We love the challenge … we love the journey… and we love looking back on a job well done.

And guess the only way to ensure that happens?


What are your dreams?

What are your goals right now?

Whatever they are, use “The Secret” definitely… have faith that things will happen in amazing ways, BUT then commit to taking your own first step towards making it happen yourself.

I think in the Bible it says that God helps those who help themselves.

So true.

And whether you believe in God… or the “universe” … or “energy” doesn’t much matter to me. But I do know that you will receive all the help you need after … and only after … you take MASSIVE ACTION yourself.

There I’ve said it. And happy to hear your comments too.


P.S. Now if you haven’t got it already, then get yourself a copy of “The Secret.” Combined with what I’ve just told you, you’ll be unstoppable. Seriously.

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