You may remember that late last year I spoke at my first seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia. Well… those 300 people were so excited to learn about the internet I could not beleive it.

A smaller group of around 20 people then decided to spend an extra day with me to learn about how to create hot-selling products … how to create your own website in 5 minutes … and so much more.

Brett McFall’s private coaching group in Indonesia

Well today I received an email from one of those participants – Peterfi Sufandri.

Why? Because he’s made his first sale!

Here is photo of Peter and myself back in November:

Brett McFall and Peterfi Sufandri

And here is his website that brought him his first US$99.

It’s a great start. The sales letter even has a few typographical errors. But you know what? These can be fixed as he goes. The most important thing is he’s in the game!

And it might just be $99, but if you’ve done this too, then you’ll understand how exciting that is. So congratulations to you Peterfi – the world is now your oyster.


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