Amazing. I’ve just started a 5 week speaking tour of Asia with World Internet Summit – going to countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, India and United Arab Emirates.

So…. i thought why not let you come along and see behind the scenes. I’ll be posting photos and videos right here so you can see what’s going on.

Now, below you’ll see a couple of shots on stage. And I’ve got to let you know what happens here in the morning as the seminar starts. The attendees are so excited that they literally line up 40-deep at the seminar doors. Then when they open they sprint to their seats (wish I’d got that on video)… they literally can’t wait to start learning more about marketing and the internet.

Then… they dance for literally 5 minutes to pump up music – it’s like an aerobics session. One of the other speakers, Stephen Pierce suggested maybe he and I put on some spandex and offer to an aerobics routine for the crowd. But you know what? I DON’T THINK SO!




The word about the potential of the internet is really starting to spread. Thing is, have you done anything about it yet?

If you’re wanting to, but haven’t done a thing, then maybe it’s time. Learn from myself and other experts in person at one of these events:



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