Brett McFall Entrepreneurs' Bootcamp

Hey there,

Well I’ve just finished speaking at Andrew Reynolds’ Entrepreneurs Bootcamp in London. And yes it really was in front of 6,000 people. It’s the biggest audience I’ve spoken in front of, so was quite a thrill.

What’s it like?

Brett McFall Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

It’s a whole different ball game than training groups of 100, 200, 300, 400 people. How?

The size of the crowd means everything’s on delay – from when the applause starts to when it stops … from when they get my jokes to how long it takes for that many people to take notes from my slides.

So keeping to time was harder.

But wow, what an experience. This event had the hugest screen I’ve ever seen … neon panels that moved up and down behind me … and the auditorium itself was the O2 Arena (the same one that Michael Jackson was slotted to play at), so it was HUGE.

Brett McFall at Entrepreneurs' Bootcamp 09

And the audience was great – throughout the weekend thousands of people came up to say ‘hi’ and tell me their dreams about what they want to achieve on the internet. Very cool.

Brett McFall

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