Brett McFall interviews Pete Godfrey


This 25 minute secret-laden interview reveals how you can explode your profits the same way that an expert copywriter would do for you.

You truly can enjoy amazing injections of cash just by knowing how to write words that sell. And in this interview Pete reveals HOW he got started (which means you could follow his footsteps too if you wanted).

You’ll also discover Pete’s “7 Secrets To Writing A Money-Making Ad”

Now what if you could earn $10,000 on demand?

What would that mean to you?

Or even just half that? Or half that again?

Would an injection of just $2,500 be important to you right now?

Well this is what you can do once you know how to write words that sell. Which is why I’ve created a brand new form of training that is red-hot to change your life (in fact, if it doesn’t, I’m going to send you over $50,000 worth of gifts). There is literally nothing in the world like what I’m about to do.

Truth be known, I’m sick of the B.S. that is being taught out there about marketing. Too many people are making it all “too difficult.” And nearly every business finds out sooner or later their marketing isn’t working.

So if what you heard me talk about on the interview interests you … and gets you excited about what you could do if you fully understood the simple ways to make your product or service sell like crazy, then make sure you read about what I’m doing.

It could literally change your life forever. Don’t believe me? Then I’ll prove it to you…

Brett McFall’s Ad Camp

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