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I give away some cool tips in this inteview on ABC radio here on the Gold Coast. If you’re wanting to know how to get started online, check it out and see how the host, Nicole Dyer, puts me to the test LIVE.

What was really fun was leaving the studio through those thick, sound-proof doors that they have and into the office outside to see the phones light up outside in the office from people wanting to know more.

Forgot to give out my website name in this one so that folks could get some free stuff, silly me.


If you’d like to order the book now, just go here:

Oh… and here are some photos from the launch of my book at the Darling Harbour Convention Centre.

Was so happy to hand over a cheque for $8,105 to the Australian Lung Foundation, thanks to Dianne Humes purchasing the first copy off the presses of my book (the most expensive, non-fiction business book ever sold on eBay!).

Brett McFall Book Launch - $8,105 to charity

Above from left: Dianne Humes, Liz Symon (lung cancer survivor), Prof. Matthew Peters (who accepted the cheque on behalf of the Australian Lung Foundation), and some bald guy…

Brett McFall - Book Launch

Brett McFall - Book Launch

Brett McFall - Book Launch

Brett McFall - Book Launch

World’s biggest book?

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