As you may know I can’t stand the media and people in general whinging about how bad things are or how bad they are going to be.

To me, life is a lot about focus. The more you focus on the bad stuff the more it consumes your attention, and so the less time you spend on doing something about it.

But of course that doesn’t sell papers now does it?

So… if you want to be one of the survivors, let’s see if we can change your focus huh?

Get ready because chances are you may never have heard of what I’m about to teach you. Yet it can make you some good dollars in a matter of minutes

* If you’re lazy, it’s for you.
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* If you’re scared s***less that the economy is about to cave, then it’s for you too.

This simple little secret is about the laziest way possible to make some easy mo~ney online with no product, no website and no idea.

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