Yeah look, this subject annoys me quite a bit, as I’m sure you can tell by the headline I’ve used.

And it’s because I know that what you focus on most in life will dictate how you feel (and I’ll explain what I mean by this in just a moment).

So I want to help you do something about it so that you can get back to making a masterpiece of your life, instead of worrying about oil prices.
And right now at least, the media can hardly do a news bulletin without reminding you that oil and petrol prices (or “gas prices” if you’re from the U.S.) are “skyrocketing” and reinforcing how “bad” things are.
But you know what? They’re only telling you one side of the story. In case you haven’t realised, bad news sells. Switch on the TV any night and watch the news, and you’ll be guaranteed that 80% of the program will be dedicated to negative things.
Bad news keeps people watching. When more people watch, the TV stations can charge higher prices for the advertising spots. The stations make more money. Quite simple really.
So right now, they’re having a field day with oil prices that are increasing. But what I want to tell you is to forget about the prices. Yes, totally and completely forget about them.
Because you can’t do anything about them Einstein.

Let the governments worry about cranking up the oil factories or creating hybrid cars, that’s what you’re paying them to do. Don’t let the higher prices at the pump affect your weekend … your conversation … or any spare mental time you have.
Look, if you have a car, chances are you need to use it. So unless you’re going to sell it and get yourself a bicycle, then your car’s going to continue as your method of transport. True?
So sure you can try and save petrol, go for it. But what I want to talk to you about is not getting sucked into the B.S. of worrying about it.
About now you might be starting to think, “Well that’s okay for you Brett, what about the fact that now I have less money in my wallet because I’m paying more at the pump?” 

And that’s exactly what I want to talk to you about. 

See, the more you focus on what you DON’T have in your wallet, the harder it is to do anything about it.
In case you haven’t read anything of mine for a while, in short, I show people how to MAKE MONEY. I’m fortunate to be someone who can spot opportunities and then make it simple for others to take advantage of them. So if you haven’t yet used my advice to do anything about improving your income, then maybe now’s the time, huh?
Let’s talk about petrol prices. In my country, the price per litre used to be around $1.20. Today, it’s hitting $1.70, with an expected peak by Christmas of $2 per litre.
So under the old price, to fill the average 55 litre car, it used to cost $66.
To fill that same car today, costs $93.50. 

Quite an increase true? And that’s why the media’s jumping all over it. Because they know that this extra $27.50 per tank could be hurting the average person and making it harder to pay off mortgages etc.
So that’s just basic math. If you’re spending more, you’ve got less to spend. Whatever.
But what I want you to think about is what you could do to make an extra $27.50 a week. Or let’s just round that up to $30, okay?
If you can’t control the petrol prices, the only thing you can control is how you deal with the increase, right?
So you can whinge all you want about it and put yourself in a crappy mood. But that isn’t going to solve the problem. Instead why not use it as inspiration to make an extra $30 off your own bat, and quite possibly a lot more.
Just consider this if you already have a business:

  • Firstly, good on you for having a business. It gives you leverage like you wouldn’t believe and much more control over your future, IF that is, you know how to market
  • Have you tested a headline in your marketing lately?  I mean those few words at the top of any advertising you do. Do you know I once changed a headline for a client and they got over 3,000% increase in sales?  Now, if you’re getting a conversion rate of 2% in your marketing, imagine getting 60%. That’s what my headline did. So do the numbers right now in your business and work out what you could be making.  And if you’re smart you’ll read through my other McFall Reports ( and get lots of ideas for headlines you can use in your business
  • What else? What if you were to sell just one more of your product today and every day after? Just one more sale. Could you do it? Sure you can. If you sell face to face, all you have to do is either get in front of a few more people, or make your offer even more irresistible. You could not only make an extra $30, but quite possibly much more.
    If you don’t sell face to face, then maybe you use email to communicate with your customers. I have a 10 day email sequence that gets me a whopping 42% conversion rate on one of my software products. Do you have a proven 10 day sequence?  If not, you should come and see me LIVE at my 2 day seminar where I show you exactly what and how I do it. But the point is, just adding another email to your autoresponder, or changing  a few word within the emails going out, and you could easily make an extra $30 a day.
  • What about Google advertising? Do you know that you can test 9 ads at once for free?  Meaning your market will tell you which ad they like most. Do this for 1 week and then use only the one that gets the most people clicking. Then load up another 8 ads to compete against that winner. End of the week, use the winner, then load up another 8 competitors.  When was the last time you did this? I can tell you I teach this stuff for a living, and while many know about it, very few actually do it. It’s called “Succession Marketing.” Don’t you dare whine about petrol prices if you’re not even prepared to do this simple exercise.
    Now with those simple ideas alone, couldn’t their results make the price of petrol a total non-concern? People who know how to market, know how to beat any price rises.  

    And if you don’t yet have a business then consider this:

  • Have you sold anything on eBay yet?  One of my clients is turning over $100,000 a month on eBay.  Yet it’s something you can buy in stores. It’s not a creative idea, it’s just basic and something which the public wants, not needs. Get that? They want it, but don’t need it. Even when times are tough financially, people still like to buy what they WANT. It’s hardly ever a logical decision, it’s an emotional one. So what are you waiting for? Get some stuff from around the house and start selling it on eBay, it could actually turn into a business
  • Go to right now and choose a product you want to sell. Basically there are thousands of ebooks there which you can sell. All the work’s been done for you, all you have to do is get people to check out the website.  Which means traffic right? So…
  • How to get traffic to a website.  The easiest way is to have someone else do it for you. Go here and click on “marketplace” and then click on “Content for sale.” You’ll find people there who for like $77 will create a 30 second commercial for you and put it on and even optimise with keywords etc. For just $77, that’s like 2 cents a day. This will then help you get traffic for free. The ad this guys creates for you will advertise the product you choose on Clickbank, and then you get around 50% of each sale. Gotta love that right?
  • Not only that but you can buy very cheaply, heaps of other money making tools there too. As I look at it right now I can see 15 private label products for $77 too (no association to the last offer).  Meaning you can own 15 ebooks and all their marketing material, but this time you will not have to split the sales with anyone. You keep 100% of the sale price. Just use the same marketing method I recommended above. One $30 sale a week covers your petrol bill and then some!
  • Do you think famous quotes sell?  There are book shelves loaded with quotes from famous people. They’re inspiring.  Well for $25 on the same site above, you can own over 41,000 of them.  Then what if you were to set up a website using  and offer 5 inspirational quotes a day for one year for just $1.  Reckon you could get a few buyers at $1 in order to receive 5 famous quotes a day?  Goodness me, who couldn’t. Just 30 people a week, and you can forget about your petrol price increases. What’s even better is that you could offer to give them all the quotes right now in one killer batch for just $5. 41,000 quotes for $5? If someone is interested in this topic, then $5 is nothing to get your hands on them.
  • Look, I could go on and on, but do you get my point? FORGET about the petrol, focus on the solution.  

    Any of the ideas above could not only make any petrol price increases now or in the future, completely obsolete, but actually make you serious extra income.
    Yet you’ll never hear about this in the media, okay?  You know why? Because it totally neutralizes their petrol price stories, and those little stories are making them good money.
    Well now it’s time for you to be making the money. Start a business. Launch an idea. Just try one of the things I’ve mentioned above. Get in the game!
    High petrol prices are here to stay. But they don’t have to affect your life or your attitude, no matter how much they affect other people. You CAN do something about it, because armed with marketing strategies you will always be able to produce an income.
    Hope that helps.
    Brett McFall
    P.S. Still want more help? Then block out 2 days and come and see me LIVE here. I’ll show you some stuff that will literally change your life forever if you let it.

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    To your bright future!

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