Hello my friend,

It’s Christmas Day and really… you shouldn’t be at your computer. Well come to think of it, either should I.

But you know what? I’m not really at my computer. I’m sitting down and communicating with you. That’s what I’m doing. And to me, Christmas is about that, don’t you agree?

That’s what’s so great about the internet – we can connect with people in their homes… with no interference from the outside world. And if you haven’t done so already, then I hope you too choose to send an email to someone you care about. And maybe not just 1 email, but perhaps even 10 … 20?

Even if you’re not someone who celebrates Christmas, you know what the sentiment is really all about – coming together, enjoying eachother, relaxing, sharing, and perhaps reflecting back on your year … or even focusing on the future. And that’s a good thing no matter where in the world you are reading this from right now.

You’re on my database, and so chances are you’ve received an email or two from me. Hopefully this year I’ve helped you… entertained you … or just made you think about your future in some little way. Either way, I hope you’re dreams come true.

And so here’s a little gift that’s worth more than any under your tree: 3 videos from 3 experts with their take on the biggest mistake most people make on the internet.

Why’s it important? Because knowing the mistakes that most people make, can help you avoid them. Can help you choose the better path.

What these 3 guys below reveal in their short interviews with me, I totally agree with.



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