I woke early this morning (at 4.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep – which is okay because it was 3.30am the night prior – hopefully 5.30am tomorrow as I get used the time zone!) … it’s Saturday here and went for a walk/jog around the resort.

Yes the buffet’s are amazing. Vegas is famous for them. You know what I love about their breakfasts here in the States? I love their “biscuits and country gravy” – wish we could get them back in Australia. But it’s a killer clear day (hopin’ to get down to that pool later on this afternoon actually).

I've had worse views...

So what’s on the cards today? (other than that pool!)

Well today I need to finish off the manual that we give attendees at World Internet Summit. I create it personally for every event so that it’s current and has every improvement that we make along the way. So I plan to spend about 4 hours on this laptop below…

world internet summit USA manual

What’s Tom Hua up to today?

One of the big parts of the “Internet Challenge” that we conduct at every seminar (where we set up a product and market it across the weekend) is the emails that have to be pre-written… the webpages that have to be pre-designed. Why? To save time on stage. Otherwise attendees would be falling asleep in their seats.

See, making the money online is the exciting part. But actually doing some of the internet side can be boring. So we spare the attendees the slow stuff, and take care of mundane parts prior to the seminar. So that …. hopefully … when we promote the product that we create from the Thursday of the seminar through to the Sunday, people buy the offer and get massive value. So this is what Tom is doing today.

Dinner time for Tom - mexican

And last night a bit of Mexican food didn’t go down too badly at all. And yes, he’s drinking a Margarita (such a tourist! 😉

Hopefully if we both finish our parts early enough today, then we can meet up later and take this little baby for a spin…

like our wheels?

Isn’t she a little beauty! Perfect for getting the wind in your hair … well, i think I remember what that used to feel like.

Talk soon!

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