A little bit of work … a little bit of play in the past 24 hours – hey… you can’t come to Vegas and sit in your hotel room the WHOLE time right! 😉

Here’s a video for you on what Tom Hua and I have been up to in getting ready for World Internet Summit USA.


Click here for a video of the last 24 hours

Now what I’ve been trying to do is get the work done in the morning through to around about 2pm, then switch off for a bit. Tom… on the other hand … has been struggling with his sleep patterns, so he’s working / sleeping / working / sleeping (whenever he can get it in - I think we tend to forget how unsettling jet lag is).

Which is why he missed a little relaxing by the pool yesterday afternoon – but I felt it would be a disrespectful to the resort if I didn’t use the facilities right? So I forced myself to lay on a comfy lounge … go for a swim … and yes, try one of their cocktails (for quality control purposes only – actually there were a few other cocktails I should have been monitoring as well).

I'm waiting for you here at the pool.... you're missin' out!


 And check out these cool cabanas here – they each have lounges inside them … TVs … and fine jet water sprays to keep you cool of course.

These cool cabanas have TVs in them ... lounges and fine jet water sprays

So anyway…. took the “little beauty” out last night for a run. Put the top down and cruised down the strip past all the hotels and casinos – a very cool experience I might add.  The photo may be a little hard to see… but it’s the Hotel “New York New York” which is like a scale model of the New York the city. Amazing.

Casino on the strip - New York New York

And lastly…. what is the deal with cookies in this country? I absolutely love chocolate chip cookies. And here I’ve seen the biggest ever. This one wasn’t one of the biggest I’ve seen but I still found it a lot to eat. But mmm … it was good – it has walnuts in it too.

Cookies in the USA

Anywayz… that’s it for now.

From your “big hunk-a-love” LIVE in Vegas  😉


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