I’m not a real technical person, but I do like playing with cool software like the one I’m going to show you in a moment. It’s allowed me to create a simple video for use at World Internet Summit USA this week. Here’s how I’ve used it:


click here for video

Guess what else! Charlie Bass, President of the Las Vegas Internet Chamber of Commerce came to visit Tom and I … and we had nice dinner in the Irish pub downstairs – it’s called “Fido” if you happen to be in the area.

Tom Hua, Charlie Bass and Brett McFall

Tom Hua, Charlie Bass and I at “Fido” (below)

The Irish Pub inside Green Valley Ranch does a mean dinner

Charlie has been following Tom and I for a while. He’s got a keen interest in the internet, and in fact it’s his full time income. One internet project he runs is “Talk Radio Las Vegas” which is a show he broadcasts LIVE over the net.

Not long after this photo was taken he invited me to come on his show… and so half an hour later there I was being interviewed by him LIVE. Generated a bit of interest too – there would now be at least 20 people coming to the event from the local area. Always good to have locals.

Also went down to check out the room that we’ll be holding the event at here at Green Valley Ranch. Here’s the name to remember – “El Viento.” Room looks great and will look even better when we get it set up with our stage and theming etc.

THE room for the upcoming 4 days of World Internet Summit 

 And lastly, I’m sure to my American subscribers this is no big surprise. But to outsiders it certainly is…

Actually their burgers are great ... despite the off-putting name

A burger joint called “Fatburger?”  Hmmm… I wonder what they sell? ….  Actually their burgers are great – cooked the old fashioned way, fresh on the spot.

Well that’s it for today!


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