Fast Client Formula LIVE

Congratulations! You've just secured your spot
 for this special 1-day event LIVE in London

Tuesday July 3 - 9am till 4pm

LIVE at the Victoria Park Plaza Hotel

239 Vauxhall Bridge Rd, Pimlico, London SW1V 1EQ, UK

(right near Victoria Station)

PHONE: 333 400 6140


FROM: Brett McFall

Hi and congratulations.

I look forward to meeting you in person at Fast Client Formula LIVE.

Over just 1-day I will show you the secret to automatically ATTRACTING all the prospects you want... week-in, week-out  and CONVERTING them into high-ticket clients.

You'll discover:

> How to attract all the clients you’ll ever need

> How to dump your confusing sales funnel forever,

> How to get warm leads coming into your business week after week, and

> How to charge (and get) the fees that you’re really worth

For the first time in the UK, discover my secret marketing and selling system for attracting and keeping all the high-ticket clients you want.

Oh and be sure to pick up your Fast Client Formula BLUEPRINT when you arrive, and then I'll help you fill it in through the course of the training.

Oh and here are your 3 Bonus Gifts!


"How To Get Ridiculous Results From Your Marketing"

  • Is your marketing “boring?” If so, then you’ve got a bigger marketing problem than you can handle… but let me tell you how to fix it

  • IS THIS YOU? You hate selling… but you want to make money! Hmmm… see a problem there? I’ll talk you through this and show you that you’re already selling everyday anyway

  • How to get past this “I hate selling” thing and forever change your life


"How To Sell Without
'Burning' People"

  • Discover the first part of selling that very people think about (because it’s human nature to do it the wrong way)

  • Instead of selling your product or service – do one thing instead that makes all the difference

  • Why asking questions will sell more of your product or service than any other method


"The Best Method For Selling ANYthing"

  • Discover why this little-known secret beats any other method for selling your product or service

  • Why most people do not have a clue what selling really is – I’ll explain to you quickly and simply what it is and how that will change your results forever

  • Why the methods used by Ebay and Amazon will NOT work for your business

How this 1-day workshop helps:

​What does this event do for you?​

> Teaches you a simpler, more scalable model that doesn’t suck the life out of you

> Shows you how to do business on your terms

> No more sales funnels and low-ticket offers

> No more quiet periods in your business

> No more proposals

> The warm leads will come in on auto-pilot every week - so that you have predictability back in your business

> Shows you how to create a more powerful offer where clients chase you instead of you chasing them

Fast Client Formula LIVE

Any questions?