You probably already know this, but the news is bad.

Big companies are pulling out of Australia and Aussies are losing their jobs by the thousands.

But you know what?

In my view, that’s not the REAL tragedy.

It really, truly is NOT the REAL tragedy – hear me out…

The truth is, if you work for a big company like Holden, Toyota or Qantas you have no idea whether your job will be there next week.

You’re a number… a cog in the wheel… an asset the company uses in order to achieve a profit.

But that’s not the tragedy.

The tragedy is something entirely different.

If you realise and understand that you don’t have job security these days, and you DON’T prepare for the future, then that is the REAL tragedy.

You can’t control what the “board of directors” chooses to do.

BUT… you CAN choose what YOU do.

Meaning, you can plan.

If you don’t have a 2nd way to generate income, you’re making yourself very vulnerable.

Who knows when you may lose your job?

And if you do lose your job, then what is your “Plan B?”

The average Aussie wage is $70,668 per year (Source: Australian Bureau Of Statistics, 2011).

That’s a huge chunk of money to lose if your job is taken away from you. Wouldn’t you agree?

Could you replace that income if you had to?

And I mean, if you lose your job today, could you replace that income right now?

How long could you and your family survive? 1 week? 1 month? 3 months?

The scary fact is, most Aussie families live from month to month. Pay check to pay check.

Now let me ask you this…

Isn’t it time you had a “plan B?”

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Brett McFall