Hey, thought you might like this.

An email from a new student of mine. You can feel the excitement jumping off the screen.




Hi Brett

I joined your program during the recent event.

The minute I walked out the room my life changed; I could not wait to get home after listening to you.

I have been working non-stop on different ideas ever since the moment I left the conference room.

I cannot thank you enough! I have still so much to learn and currently reading and learning about what techniques there are around.

I use every spare minute I get learning. I’m not getting to much sleep as thinking of new ideas all the time. But it’s a good thing don’t worry. I cannot watch your DVD’s quick enough and I check the post box every day  I cannot wait for the next DVD’s to come.

My first site has been live for 3 days now. I just got my first sale and jumping up and down!!!

I thank you for sharing your knowledge. My biggest dream (apart from making money when I sleep) is to one day in the near future; is to talk at one of your events and share how your system works. All I can say is watch this space, I will keep you posted.



BTW  I have my own new product going live within the next few days as well.