The Challenge is underway!

Michael Hughes flew up to see me on Friday November 1st and we spent the day together as I detailed my plan for him over the next 30 days.

I tell you what, this guy is excited and motivated – what a joy it is to teach someone that so keen to learn.

We spent a good solid 3 hours in the morning going over the 9 step system I want Michael to follow. It took its toll on Michael, who does not have an internet marketing background. By lunch time, he said “Whoa… I get it, but I’m still getting it… know what I mean?”

It’s a lot to take in when internet marketing is a new thing to you.

But I reassured him that all anyone needs to do to make money online is have a system they understand. They DO NOT need to know how to do everything within the system – they just need to understand what the system is.

You may have heard me teach this before, but being the “General of the army” is the goal for you if you want to have a really good, freedom-giving online business.

What did I teach Michael?


After deliberating over a few models on the lead up to this Challenge, the model that I decided on is the Affiliate Marketing model.


Simply because of speed.

See, affiliate marketing is about selling someone else’s product. Which means, the time that it takes to create a product is eliminated. So too is hunting for a niche. So too is the writing of the salesletter.

And when you only have 30 days to make some dollars, eliminating those 3 steps means you can get on to the website and the marketing.

Right now Michael has a brand new website that is fully functioning. In fact, it was ready to go by the end of the day.

Now I won’t be telling you the address of his site. And the reason why is that if a lot of people were to find out about his website, then they would go and visit it and perhaps even buy the product that we are marketing via that site.

And this of course would skew the figures. He’d make sales simply because people who know about the Challenge would visit the site and buy.

Which is not what I want for this at all (and I don’t think anyone watching would want it either). Michael has to make his money off his own bat like anyone else, and so I’ll be keeping his website top secret.

But one of the first things you want to do when you do affiliate marketing is to find a product to sell which has a HIGH REBILL VALUE – which means that a product that customers keep paying for every month. Meaning that you too get your commission every month too, instead of a one-shot sale.

So Michael has done that with a bit of help from me, and now he’s clued in to what to look for.

So 5 days in, Michael has managed to arrange 2 joint ventures with people who have his target market as their customers.

This was a big deal because you usually can’t get JV partners if you don’t already have a database of your own.

But through a nicely written letter that he wrote to a few key people (and yes I helped him with the writing of it… hey, that’s what I’m here for remember? ;-), he was able to get 2 JV partners so far.

He has some paid advertising booked in too. And some free advertising also.

Small steps is the way. And Michael has begun his journey.

No sales as yet, but it’s all part of the plan.

Till the next update, do not give up on your internet journey either.

There’s a great life out there on the internet… IF you know the right steps.