FROM: Brett McFall

I’m very excited to release some brand new software that my business and I have been developing.

What’s it for?

Quite simply, to put video on your website is not an easy process. Especially for beginners.

The easiest solution was to use YouTube or similar programs, but the main problem with YouTube for instances is that they plaster advertising all over your video.

Which means your visitor gets distracted from your video.

So we created software which beats this.

But not only that, it also looks after AUDIO in the same way too.

You simply upload your audio and video files, and our new software changes that into a few lines of code.

You then paste this code into your website, and voila!… the video or audio instantly appears!

And there’s no charge.

But that’s not all, because another issue many of my students have is related to capturing the names and emails of their visitors.

So… that’s the other thing which our new software does – it allows you to create a webpage that captures… AND STORES… the name and email of visitors to your site.

Cool, huh? And yes, this too is FREE.

So, check it out here:

Brett McFall