Hey wanna join me in something I’ve never done before?

Today I landed in Las Vegas. Why? Because on Thursday September 14, my business partner Tom Hua and I will host World Internet Summit USA.  Yes it’s America’s turn (love coming here). So this week we’re putting the finishing touches on our event (oh, and just maybe we’ll check out the fun of Vegas too)

So here’s what I was wondering… would you like to come with me behind the scenes over the next week? See what I’m doing and how we put a seminar like this together? You would? Great.

Because I’ve never allowed this before. But that’s what brilliant about a blog like this, I can quickly update it and keep you current on what’s happening BEFORE the seminar and THROUGHOUT (it’ll be just like you’re here! well almost…).

All you should do is store this page in your “favourites” … and then check in every day for my latest photos and news.

You can even add this blog to your favourites by clicking on the Yahoo, Google, MSN links to the right.

Then every time I make a “post” to my blog, guess what happens?  That’s right!  You’ll be told about it straight away!

First up why don’t I show you the Resort we’re holding it at – Green Valley Ranch (hey if you watch cable television you might know this resort as it’s the one featured in the reality show “American Casino” – I’ve been on the hunt for some of the cast, no luck yet though).

Wanna join me for a swim?

It’s about 30C during the day so far (pretty keen on the heat actually). Check out this outdoor pool area (hope attendees remember to come back for the seminar sessions!).

In the background there's actually a mini-vineyard!

Between this pool and the resort, there’s actually a mini-vineyard would you believe. And look no-one in the pool! I oughta do a big bomb mee thinks. 

 Fancy kicking back for a while in 30C heat?

Unusual huh? This is some of the outdoor lounges, complete with pillows. Just feed me the grapes now right?

This is the spa at Green Valley Ranch... hmm maybe a massage for me?

What’s a resort without a spa? Hmmm … wonder if I can squeeze in a massage. I do work hard you know. 😉

Back tomorrow with more from Vegas. I pick up a convertible car today that Tom and I have hired for the week. Better be careful I don’t burn my little head come to think of it. But you know, it’s Vegas and it’s hot … so a convertible is manditory yeah?

Talk soon.

:-)  Brett 

P.S. Wanna come over and play (and maybe even get yourself in one of these photos … if you’re nice to me that is)? There’s still time, you last minute planner you … just go here (in fact I’ve even put a special deal for together for you):