Brett McFall Michael Hughes Internet ChallengeWell we’re done!

The Challenge is over and Michael is absolutely buzzing.

We handed Michael his cheque for the money he earned on Saturday during a 2-day training I was running called Expert Empire.

Would you like to know how much he made in just one month?

The thing to remember is that Michael has created his own internet business. He has his own autoresponder software. His own website. And now a good chunk of money to move forward with as well.

How much money?

The final total on Day 30 was:


Which I’m sure you will agree is a pretty amazing start. But you know what?  More important than the money is the education Michael received.

He asked the right questions in order to get the right answers… did the tasks himself… made the mistakes himself too… contacted joint venture partners… set up autoresponders… created his own webpages… and more.

And yet before this Challenge, Michael knew barely anything about the internet.

So you must take faith from this. If you too are in this position, then you must not give up. You must do whatever you can to get the knowledge you need to make the internet work for you.

I took this Challenge on to show the nay-sayers out there… the critics… the cynics… the people who criticise me for pushing the internet as a REAL alternative to having a job… the doubters who stay at home and tell you what CANNOT be done rather than supporting you – that they’re WRONG.

So don’t let anyone fool you or pull you down.

All that is stopping you from having a profitable internet business is one thing:

[highlighter color=”yellow-vibrant” ]KNOWLEDGE[/highlighter]

This is all I gave Michael over the past 30 days. And now he’s taking that knowledge and already thinking about other niches he wants to go into.

Congratulations to Michael Hughes for being a wonderful student and for making the most of this opportunity.

Should you want to check out his new website, you can now do so at: