Well I’m back from the Unleash the Power Within seminar with Tony Robbins.

And if the “cool moss” headline above doesn’t make sense to you, then you need to go. It will mean a hell of a lot afterwards. (And no I’m not telling you here! 😉

What an amazing experience. I found myself in 2 camps really – one as an attendee and one as a seminar organiser.


A wide shot of the Unleash The Power Within Seminar in Sydney with Tony Robbins


As an attendee I found it incredibly powerful. His strategies and knowledge about the brain and body is simply the best I’ve ever seen. I watched and participated as a learning experience, and truly have never been to anything quite like it.

This event was like a rock concert.

I’ve read his books and listened to his CDs, but immersing yourself in this thinking for a whole weekend, well there’s nothing like it. So if you’re not happy in your space in life right now, please do whatever you can to attend one of Tony’s gigs. No-one better and I’ve seen and met plenty.

As an seminar organiser, I thought it was beautifully run … a well oiled machine and I was super impressed at how it was put together. Amazing energy was created … and I couldn’t believe how attendees didn’t need to eat! Tony just keeps going and so do you. Look out attendees at my future gigs – don’t u be complaining about breaks now!

Big high five to Tony Robbins (as I’m so sure you’re reading this Tony! ;-). But if someone else sees him before I do, can you give it to him?

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I’ll post some photos soon!