I’ve just got off the phone with Nic Lucas, an Aussie
internet marketer who is really starting to make some
waves in the industry.

Yesterday he used one of his internet marketing techniques
to pull in over $60,000 in 24 hours. Please visit http://crmmarketingpros.com/ for more info .

Now, while you may not be able to do that right now –
don’t you want to hear how he got started and how he
does it?

You can listen here for a limited time only (it’s only 25 mins long – even though the timer may say it’s longer, it’s not ;-):

Right click here and choose “Save Target As”
to save this mp3 file to your computer.

Best part is, he’s all about doing it with fr~ee tools.

You can also learn more LIVE from Nic at World Traffic Summit – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Brett McFall