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What's included in the Fast Client Formula program?

  • > 8  Weeks Of Training In the Fast Client Formula 12 Months Of Weekly LIVE Q&A
  • > 12 Months Of Fast Client Formula Private Group 3-Days Of LIVE Training
  • > 12 Months Of Weekly LIVE Q&A
  • > 3-Days Of LIVE Training
  • > 2 Licenses: Webinar & Appointment To Enrol

*Full refund if your application is not accepted.

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> NO more sleezy sales tactics or hype

> NO more confusing sales funnel 

​> NO more "free reports" that no-one reads

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​> NO more reducing your prices

​​> NO more zero sales

> NO more hearing the words "I'll think about it" from your prospects

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> NO more cold-calling

> NO more "special" software

> NO more spending months on SEO... articles... or videos

> NO need to be a "celebrity" or "best-selling author"

> NO need for testimonials and case studies

> NO need for a big list of contacts

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> It WORKS every time... even if you're a beginner

> It WORKS even if you're not a star copywriter or marketer

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This member made 3 x $6,000 sales in just 5-days 
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