FROM: Brett McFall

This is such a smart thing to do!

Gold Coast Warpies Get-Together (June 2009)



Sydney Warpies 2nd Get-Together (May 2009)

"Hi Brett

Our second meeting in Crows Nest went really well.

We found that by sharing our expertise some issues that seemed huge to the individual were quickly resolved by others in the group - it was great!

In the photo we have from left to right Hadar, Julie Sheldon, myself, Ian Hobson, Greg Sclanders and Ann Stuckey.

Have a lovely week.

Helen Meader"


Congratulations to the Sydney Warpies!

This first "Warpie" get-together was created off their own bat in April - with another date planned for May 19 - use the forum to let them know if you want to make the next Sydney get together. Congratulations!

From L to R: Ann Stuckey, Helen Meader, Farhad Khurshed and Greg Sclanders


Congratulations to the Sunshine Coast Warpies!

This "Warpie" get-together was created off their own bat on Saturday March 21 on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. Well done folks.

From what I hear you worked pretty hard too - from 1pm to 6pm with only a 15 minute tea break ... goodness me!   Some of those chairs look awfully comfy too, so that makes it easier. Now don't you be askin' me to put those massage chairs in seminars now... ;-)

From L to R:  Terri Watson, Jacqui Moretto, Karen Campbell, Phil Hayes, Jan Kesby, Darin Browne, Irene Krajewska and Caroline Crossman

I thoroughly encourage these sorts of meetings where you can help each other get stuff done. And a great place to organise these sorts of group meetings is via our forum at:


Congratulations too to the Melbourne Warpies!

These folks got together in February to discuss their plans and help each other. Well done folks.

Myra, Milan, Shane,
Humphrey, Domenica


Humphrey, Domenica,
Michele, Myra, Milan


Okay... that means the challenge is on!  Where are the rest of the States and Countries?  ;-)

Looking forward to hearing and seeing more.