After 10-years of testing and measuring... writing and rewriting...  investing over £200,000... and nearly 9,000 hours of time and effort, I'm finally ready to release my proven Blueprint that will change your marketing forever and... bring you all the high-ticket leads for your coaching or consulting business that you'll ever need...

So... IF I handed you this Marketing Blueprint that is currently earning my coaching business £30,161 per month in sales, and requires me to work
only 2-days a week...

And... IF it helped you bring in warm leads every single week on autopilot for your business...

IF it helped you do it all WITHOUT the need for a sales funnel... or a best-selling book... or 100,000 Facebook followers...

IF it helped you finally be able to sell your product or service at FULL price (meaning, no more discounting ever again!)

IF I agreed to teach you how to use all 3-easy-steps inside my Blueprint so that you could also produce the same results for your business...

AND... if I agreed to do all this for you 100% FREE!

Then tell me - 

Would you accept my offer?

FROM: Brett McFall, Coach to over 5,000 students in 17-countries

Would £30,161 in monthly sales
make a difference to your life?

Would it allow you to stop stressing out over how you are going to cover the bills month-in, month-out?

Would it allow you to finally take that holiday you've been dreaming of?

Would it allow your partner to relax and stop worrying about your business too?

Would it allow you more time with your family... AND... for you to be "present" in the moment, instead of secretly thinking about how you're going to keep the doors open?

In just a moment I'm going to tell you about what is without doubt the most amazing offer I've made in the last 10-years...

But first, let me quickly tell you what I've been doing and WHY it stands to change your marketing results forever.

To put it simply, I used to struggle to charge high prices for my coaching and consulting.

It felt like I was in an endless bidding war with my competitors. And that war only resulted in my prices going in one direction - DOWN!

You too?

I also couldn't find a way to make my coaching program stand out from the rest. So I was stuck charging only £297 for a program that was worth thousands more.

There was just no way I could justify spending as much time with my clients as I really needed to, because at £297 (and sometimes lower), it didn't make financial sense.

So my customers didn't end up getting the best from me either.

THEN... it all changed.

I discovered a way that allowed me to increase my prices by 10-times... AND... still have clients demanding to sign up to my coaching.

No more hearing "I'll think about it."

No more "I need to talk to my partner first."

And no more having to chase them up and see if they wanted to go ahead.


My prospects were saying, "So when can we start?"

Needless to say, this changed everything.

And now today, I choose who I want to work with.

I charge prices between £3,000 and £7,000. And I'm turning prospects away.

So what changed?

What made this incredible difference?

ANSWER: I discovered a new way of marketing.​

One where my prospect respected my value, instead of trying to bargain me down.

One that made my prospects desperate to work with me, instead of the other way around.

And one that allowed me to charge the price I knew my program was worth.

Would you like to be able to do the same?
Let me hand you my Blueprint

Then that's why you need to get your hands on my Blueprint.

Why? Because I've documented exactly how I do it.

Even better, I have students in over 100 different niches using it too. And guess what?

It's working for them too.

NOW... they have time for their families.

NOW... they have money in their bank accounts.

NOW... they have predictability over their income.

NOW... they have warm leads coming into their businesses every single week.

And NOW... they can charge the prices they want too, starting from £1,500 and up (usually 10-times what they were charging before!).

Which all means, they have their life back.

The thing is... I'll happily teach you what I do because it doesn't take away from my business in any way.

But this is the first time, I've put it down into a Blueprint

The same Blueprint that generates £30,161 for me every month.

And if you'll allow me to, I'm going to give this Blueprint to you, so that you too can profit from it like my paying students have.

But even better, I'm not just going to hand you this Blueprint, but...

I'm going to teach you in-person how to use it.

Which means, if you'll join me LIVE, you'll walk away knowing exactly how to change your coaching or consulting business (or in fact any business that sells a high-ticket product or service) into a thriving one that requires LESS hours, and yet makes MORE income.

Would this be worth your while to spend some time with me if it helped you achieve this?

GREAT! So then here is what I want to tell you...

If you'll give me 6 hours, I'll hand you my Blueprint and show you how to use it to get your next
high-ticket client as soon as this week.

Tuesday July 3 - 9am till 4pm

LIVE at the Victoria Park Plaza

Think about it...

If you could be earning £30,161 per month, like I do - would you still want to do business the way you currently are?

Would you still want to struggle week to week trying to get clients on board?

Would you still want to pay money for advertising that you're not sure even works?

Would you still want to manage your long "sales funnel"... and all the technology around it... IF you didn't have to?

Would you still want to get paid the low fees you are right now?

It wouldn't make sense, right?

So what would you do instead?

If I handed you my marketing Blueprint, and it allowed you to attract and convert all the leads you want for your business...

If it allowed you to increase your prices by 10-times...

If it allowed you to work just 2-days a week...

If it allowed you to run it all from anywhere in the world?

If it allowed you the freedom and the money to spend your time as you pleased?

And it took away all the stress and worry around your coaching or consulting business...


Spend 3-months overseas (while still running your business)?

Buy that car you've had your eye on for years?

Buy that investment property you've been wanting?

Take your loved ones on special trips and weekends away?

Take care of your kids and relieve some of their financial worries?

Or just literally have time... to BREATH?

In short, your time would be yours.

> NO more sleezy sales tactics or hype

​> NO more confusing sales funnel 

​> NO more "free reports" that no-one reads

> NO more webinars that don't sell

​> NO more reducing your prices

​​> NO more zero sales

> NO more hearing the words "I'll think about it" from your prospects

> NO more emails that don't get read

> NO more cold-calling

> NO more "special" software

> NO more spending months on SEO... articles... or videos

> NO need to be a "celebrity" or "best-selling author"

> NO need for testimonials and case studies

> NO need for a big list of contacts

​​​​And here's the best part...

> My Blueprint WORKS every time... even if you're a beginner

> It WORKS even if you're not a star copywriter or marketer

> It WORKS even if no-one has ever heard of you, and

> It WORKS even if you've tried other marketing methods before and FAILED

Instead? A revolutionary way to sell your product or service at the high price you want and deserve - AND in a way where 100% of your prospects value & respect you.

Which means, HIGH TICKET sales without the stress.

In short, you become the only option that your prospects want - and it all happens within 48-hours.

I call it the "Fast Client Formula" - and this is your chance to educate yourself about it.

Why? Because this is the formula that will CHANGE EVERYTHING for you.

If you'd like to discover my new Blueprint for
attracting and converting as many high-paying clients as you want for your business, then... just 1-day I will show you exactly how to use my
"Fast Client Formula" LIVE.

And here's the thing...

My training comes with a promise that NO-ONE anywhere CAN make or WILL EVER make to you:

This day of training will be worth at least £30,000 and if you don't agree, I'll hand you £250 for your trouble!

Has anyone ever made you a promise like this before?

And the thing is, you are the sole judge and jury. YOU decide what you feel about what I teach you.

I just ask that you show up ready to REALLY learn. Okay?

But it means that you can only WIN.

In short, you'll discover:

> The NEW way to attract all the clients you’ll ever need (and the exact same system that is generating £30,161 per month for me)

> How to dump your confusing sales funnel forever, 

> How to get warm leads coming into your business week after week, and

> How to charge (and get) the fees that you’re really worth

... and make it happen all this week.

For the first time you'll discover the secret marketing and selling system that will allow you to finally attract the high-ticket clients you want... on virtual auto-pilot... and with record-speed.

What makes this event different?

Quite simply, I hand you the roadmap... and then I teach you how to use it!

You can ask any question you like.

I'll give you examples at every step.

And I make things EASY to understand.

I'm not here to make you think I'm smart, my one goal is to make it all easy to understand.

This way, I know it will be the best investment of your time that you make this year.

If this event is so good, then WHY is it FREE?

Great question, and the answer is really simple.

You don't know me yet, and don't know what I can do or what I'm really like.

So what I'm doing is lowering your "barrier to entry."

It's a marketing strategy, called sampling.

Much like you might sample food in a food hall before deciding what you want to eat.

This way, you can fully check me out and walk away a winner no matter what. But also you may then want me coach you afterwards too.

This is purely up to you. There's no obligation in any way. So, you can put away your six-shooters and just enjoy the day.

ULTIMATELY... it means you don't have to invest a cent, for what is quite truly a £197 value.

Plus, you walk away with my complete Blueprint on how to market your coaching or consulting business (or in fact any business that sells a high-ticket product or service).

You get your questions answered.

You get clarity. Happy days.

REMEMBER, YOU GET the same Blueprint
that generates £30,161 for me every month.

Tuesday July 3 - 9am till 4pm

LIVE at the Victoria Park Plaza

What will you experience?

INSTEAD OF...  using over-the-top hype in your marketing, you'll be educating prospects to get the solution they need

INSTEAD OF...  writing advertising that is "creative," you'll enter the conversation that is already going on in your prospect's mind.

INSTEAD OF... trying to write the perfect headline, you'll be demonstrating how & why you are the better solution than your competition.

INSTEAD OF... trying to sell your product or service, you'll be helping your prospect to realise they need to change their path.

INSTEAD OF... leaving your prospects with a bad taste in their mouth, you'll be forming close and genuine relationships.

Better yet, you'll work on your business AT the workshop

You’ll write advertising that is different than what you've done before, and which pulls in warm-leads every single day to your business.

You'll learn the step-by-step system which makes all the difference to attracting and converting all the high-ticket clients you want at lightning pace.

You’ll discover what you need to do in order to have clients believe in you and happily invest between £1,500 and $7,000+ with your business within 48-hours of hearing about you.

Which means you’ll know exactly what to say and how to say it as soon as you leave the room.

AND... walk away with the same Blueprint
that generates £30,161 for me every month.

Tuesday July 3 - 9am till 4pm

LIVE at the Victoria Park Plaza

How can you be sure it works?

Actual proof is what you want to see, right? 

So here are some of my students that have used my Fast Client Formula to sell their product or service at the high-ticket price they've always wanted - and ALL DONE SUPER QUICK. 

Have you ever seen results as fast as this before?

Would you like to know HOW
they are getting these results?

It's all in the Blueprint 

I'll show you LIVE exactly how it's done... and how you can do it too.

And here's the thing...

My training comes with a promise that NO-ONE anywhere CAN make or WILL EVER make to you:

This day of training will be worth at least £30,000 to youand if you don't agree, I'll hand you £250 for your trouble!
Has anyone ever promised you this before?

And the thing is, you are the sole judge and jury. YOU decide what you feel about what I teach you.

I just ask that you show up ready to REALLY learn. Okay?

But it means that you can only WIN.

Tuesday July 3 - 9am till 4pm

LIVE at the Victoria Park Plaza

Why do this and why is it so revolutionary?

Because the insight this event gives you is simply unbeatable when it comes to understanding your prospect’s mindset. 

You’ll have an unfair advantage when it comes to creating marketing that makes prospects not only choose you first, but tell others about you too.

The end result of a day like this?

You’ll walk away not only with the Blueprint to change your future forever, but having complete certainty that you can do it… will do it… and get well paid to do it.

You have literally never experienced an event... or a client-attraction system... like this before.

And to get you off to a great start, you'll receive 3 exclusive bonus gifts as soon as you register:

Tuesday July 3 - 9am till 4pm

LIVE at the Victoria Park Plaza

Special Gift #1 - YOURS INSTANTLY

"How To Get Ridiculous Results From Your Marketing"

  • Is your marketing “boring?” If so, then you’ve got a bigger marketing problem than you can handle… but let me tell you how to fix it

  • IS THIS YOU? You hate selling… but you want to make money! Hmmm… see a problem there? I’ll talk you through this and show you that you’re already selling everyday anyway

  • How to get past this “I hate selling” thing and forever change your life

Special Gift #2 - YOURS INSTANTLY

"How To Sell
Without Burning People"

  • Discover the first part of selling that very people think about (because it’s human nature to do it the wrong way)

  • Instead of selling your product or service – do one thing instead that makes all the difference

  • Why asking questions will sell more of your product or service than any other method

Special Gift #3 - YOURS INSTANTLY

​​"The Best Method
For Selling ANYthing"

  • Discover why this little-known secret beats any other method for selling your product or service

  • Most people do not have a clue what selling really is – I’ll explain to you quickly and simply what it is and how that will change your results forever

  • Why the methods used by Ebay and Amazon will NOT work for your business

WHO is this 1-day workshop for?

It's for you if you are:

> A business owner selling anything over £1,000 (and want to earn MUCH more than you currently are)

> A coach, consultant or expert in any niche

> Website designer or social media manager

> Salesperson for any higher-ticket product or service

> An expert... a speaker... or course creator

> Or in some way, you are in charge of getting high-ticket customers into a business

How this 1-day workshop helps:

What does this event do for you?

> Teaches you a simpler, more scalable marketing and conversion model that stops you from having to compete on price

> Shows you how to do business on your terms

> No more sales funnels and low-ticket offers

> No more quiet periods in your business

> No more proposals - just prospects who are eager to become your client

> The warm leads will come in on auto-pilot every week - so that you have predictability back in your business

> Shows you how to create a more powerful offer where clients chase you instead of you chasing them

PLUS... Get the same Blueprint that generates £30,161 for me every month.

Fast Client Formula LIVE

So discover the "Fast Client Formula" LIVE

Tuesday July 3 - 9am till 4pm

LIVE at the Victoria Park Plaza