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“Introducing my first ever book … and to celebrate I want to train you personally for … FREE!”


FROM: Brett McFall, 9:27am


Dear Friend,

This webpage will very likely offend most employers (and may even cause them to panic as they contemplate their employees making plans to leave, once they know what I’m going to reveal). 


But if you’re someone who wants to truly live your own life and be in charge of your income for once, then this will be the most important message you read this year.


Here’s why…


Please stop for a minute and think about this – aren’t you sick of working for your money?


Wouldn’t you rather be living the life that YOU want, instead of being stuck working for somebody else’s dream?


If that’s you, then give me a “hell yeah!”


Hey … I was there! Working in a 9 to 5 office job day dreaming about what movie to see that coming weekend. I was frustrated at my crappy pay … uninspired by any of my seniors … and resenting having to sit in slow-moving traffic just to get to this job.


But you know what?  I deserved it.


You know why I deserved it? Because if I didn’t like it, then I could just leave, right? It’s true - no-one forces you to stay in a job you hate.


But then what would I do for cash?


Well I’d have to get another job. Perhaps even crappier than the one I had.


Know where I’m coming from? Feeling like you’re constantly chasing your tail?


So here’s what I did that changed my life forever. I started a business. Not just any business. But an internet business. Meaning I could run it from home … in fact 24 hours a day … until I was earning enough money to leave work.


And that’s what I did.  I saved up a year’s salary (directly from my own little business), then the very next day after reaching that total went in to the boss and said, “You know what? I’m letting you go.”  


Trust me, you’ve never felt such freedom.


Would you like this freedom too? Well here’s the good news: Back when I did this, there was virtually no-one and nothing to show me the way. I had to work it out for myself. But today, there is a quicker way. The plan is all laid out before you.




In my brand new book…


“How To Make Money
While You Sleep!”


It’s my 7 step plan to starting your own profitable online business.


Why did I call it this title?  Because that’s what I do! 


I have no staff … no premises (I work from home) … no lease … and no stock, but yet I make over $500,000 a year (and yes, that includes while I’m sleeping).


Now because of the success I was having, a lot of people wanted to know how I did it. So I started training them. Until today I now train people in 13 countries. In fact, I’ve trained over 10,000 people.



But it seems that it’s still not enough (I can only teach for so many hours a day you know). So publishers John Wiley & Sons approached me and asked me to write a book about how I do what I do. 


Which is why you’re reading this webpage right now.


This is my first ever book.


“How To Make Money While You Sleep” shows you how to profit from the internet, by quickly and easily creating a website business (even if you’re a complete beginner).


In this easy-to-understand, plain English guide, I’ll show you how the steps to making money while you sleep. In just 7 simple steps I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to create a successful online business on a shoestring.


Something else I need to tell you –
I consult at $2,500 per hour.


Why? Because I value my lifestyle and am very reluctant to give away my time (freedom of time is why I got into this business in the first place).


My rare expertise in the internet marketing field also makes it superb value for someone to pay me this much (I offer a 10x money back guarantee too, so if I don’t perform I don’t get paid – that’s why you can be sure I know my stuff).


Spending just an hour with you and your business could literally make you tens of thousands of dollars. Some of my clients now make up to $4,000 a day online using only a few of the secrets I have taught them (for example, Grant Nielsen of Queensland Australia, who happily provided a testimonial for the inside pages of my book because of his results).


PLEASE NOTE: I only tell you this so that you properly value the secrets contained in the pages of my new book. This isn’t some book you’ll read once and place on the shelf. It will become your handbook that you refer to again and again on your journey towards financial freedom.


Now, in case you don’t know anything about me:

  • I’ve written over 10,000 marketing messages over the past 18 years for 153 different industries (from small businesses to multi-nationals)

  • I’m the co-founder of World Internet Summit, taking it from zero to a multi-million dollar company in 2 short years (

  • I personally have 9 online businesses (which means, NO staff, NO premises, and very little costs) that make me money while I sleep, allowing me to holiday somewhere in the world every 8 weeks

  • I’ve trained over 10,000 people around the world how to start their own internet businesses – including in USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, U.A.E., New Zealand and Australia (so my knowledge has been tested by the best)

  • And I’ve appeared on both radio and TV because of my expertise in this area

Now I don’t say this to impress you. Just to make sure that you fully understand that I know what I’m talking about and that I can help you get massive increases in your online business.


And if I couldn’t do this, I don’t think there’s a flying chance that I would have been asked by John Wiley & Sons to write this book.


So now, if you’ve read this far then…


… I have to assume you’re interested in grabbing a copy of this book. So what I’m going to do now is tell you just some of the reasons why you would want to read my brand new book in the first place, “How To Make Money While You Sleep.”


(And yes, in just a moment I’ll reveal how I’m going to train you for 2 full days at my expense. Hold your horses okay? ;-).


After reading my book, here is what you will know:

  • 7 powerful reasons why an internet business makes such good sense (even if right now you know absolutely nothing about it)

  • The 2 simple things you’ll need if you’re going to run your new internet business from anywhere in the world (you really can make money while you relax in your chateau in France … log cabin in the Rockies… or from a beach hammock in sunny Australia) (pg 5)

  • The great thing about being your own online boss that very few people realise (pg 6)

  • Why you can earn an easy $100K-$500K a year and still have no need for any staff (pg 7)

  • 8 reasons why an offline entrepreneur doesn’t stand a chance of competing against you when you have an online business (throw out all the stuff you were taught at business school or night school about the nasty realities of business, the internet changes all the rules)  (pg 16)

  • A simple little trick for getting past the procrastination of starting an online business (sometimes ‘putting it off’ is the only thing standing between you and success – I show you precisely what is happening in your brain, and once you understand this blockage, you’ll be free to set sail for your dreams)  (pg 20)

  • Revealed! The 6 keys to your internet success (half of which have nothing to do with the internet at all!)

  • Did you know that the internet is the cheapest place to f***? Once you understand this truth, it virtually guarantees that you’ll succeed (pg 22)

  • The exact type of product to sell online if you want to make the most money and yet have hardly any costs (and the great news is… the market is virtually unlimited and once you do what I show you, competition is not even a concern)  (pg35)

  • How to create your own original product to sell online (even if you’re a total beginner) and yet do virtually none of the work to create it  (pg 24)

  • How to have a 99% chance of succeeding before you even begin (pg 53)

  • Exactly what I did to make $40,000 in one year using a 30 second piece of news I heard on a morning TV program, and just 3 weeks work (of which I did very little of anyway) – you can copy what I did (pg 27)

  • A 5-step exercise you can do right now to work out what you’re going to sell online (I put you through the exact process I teach to students at $1,997-a-seat seminars)  (pg 38)

  • Websites and tools that can help you on your journey (straight out of my own private files)

  • My little secret for making your own software that you can sell (and you don’t need a technical bone in your body) – this is how Bill Gates made all his money – creating software … and now you can too  (pg 42)

  • How to make money with NO product at all … not even your own website (this little trick means you could start making money as soon as tonight). I’ll even show you proof that I made $3,350.88 in 3 months using this technique doing no work at all (pg 45)

  • How to find out what people are already searching the internet for … so that you can give it to them on a platter (pg 54)

  • The 6-letter word that lets you tune in to your market and know exactly what they want  (pg 57)

  • The lightning quick way for you to create your own hot-selling product, even if you’ve never done anything like this before (it’s true, you could have your own ready-to-go product in just 60 minutes from now) (pg 63)

And by the way, you won’t see any testimonials on the inside pages from high-flying experts (who usually have a vested interest in allowing their thoughts to be printed)  – what you will see are real words from people just like you who have read the book.

Comments like:

I’ve set up two websites, with another three to come, and in the past five weeks I’ve made over $4000 through my online businesses. There are two reasons for my new-found success — Brett's seminar and How to Make Money While You Sleep.
Grant Neilsen, retired small business owner with no previous internet experience, Queensland

Starting an internet business is so daunting a task that I put it off for years. Thankfully, Brett makes getting started quick, easy and so much fun. This book has really helped to give me a competitive edge in the online-business market.
Trish Madison, accountant with no previous internet experience, New Zealand

I knew there was a lot of money to be made online, but felt lost as how to go about it. Full of simple and practical advice, How to Make Money While You Sleep has made me much more confident about achieving success.
Carol Brown, pensioner with no previous internet experience, Sydney  


Now, here’s more of what you’ll discover in its pages:

  • The exact word-for-word script you can use to have experts lining up to create products with you! (pg 66)

  • What equipment you’ll need in order to create your product (great news is, it won’t cost you the earth – in fact some won’t cost you anything at all)  (pg 73)

  • The ‘magic’ price to sell your products at if you want maximum sales (pg 78) – you could spend 3 years working this out on your own, or just 5 seconds reading it here

  • How to take your price and increase it by 10 times without losing any sales (so a $30 product becomes $300 … a $50 product becomes $500 … and a $70 becomes $700 etc) (pg 79)

  • The most important part of your business – more important than your marketing … your product … or your price – and no it’s not your “customers”  (pg 82)

  •  A 7-step secret for making your visitors desperate to own what you sell the first time they lay eyes on your website (pg 90)

  • Why “ugly” little websites (the kind I use) work much better than the fancy corporate ones

  • What words to write on your webpage in order to get a higher percentage of people clicking on the ‘order button’ (pg 91)

  • 2 really simple but creative ways to instantly grab your visitors attention when they reach your website (and it has nothing to do with the headline) (pg 95)

  • The little-known mental technique that helps your visitors relate to your product as if it was their own (pg 97)

  • How to make anything your competition says or does completely obsolete and ineffective (this truly is the way to huge profits yet so few people use it)  (pg 101)

  • PLUS… 9 separate ways to make your product unique (pg 103)

  • My little-known 2-step formula for helping first-time visitors to trust you like an old friend (pg 114)

  • The quickest and easiest way to design a website in the next 5 minutes (without any experience whatsoever – anyone aged from 9 to 90 can use this low-cost secret) (pg 125)

  • How to easily accept money over the internet (it’s safe and super simple to do)

  • Need lots of traffic (people) to visit your website? Find out the only 2 ways to do it (plus 2 methods that are absolutely free!)  (pg 140)

  • Here’s how to pile on extra sales from people who have indicated that they don’t want your product (and what’s more, they’ll love every second of it)  (pg 149)

  • The secret tool that nearly all the top marketers use to run their business behind the scenes (this is how people with good businesses on the internet can holiday, sleep or watch TV and still have a thriving business)  (pg 151)

  • Real examples of proven ways to get people happily signing up to your database – these are adverts whose results you would normally never get to hear about (pg 154)

  • 5 ‘killer’ tips for turning “not buying yet” subscribers into “gotta’ have it now” customers (pg 156)

  • An actual example of a proven follow-up email I use (this email helps make me make nearly US$200 a day from one of my products)  (pg 158)

  • Discover how to get loads of people to help you advertise your product (at no upfront cost) and become your 24 hour sales team  (pg 163)

  • Exact steps on how to get your own army of people madly selling your product for you (wouldn’t you rather be making money while you holiday in the Greek Islands?) (pg 165)

  • Proven examples of advertising I provide to my online army of affiliates (meaning you can copy them for your own profits) (pg 170)

  • How to make sure you have a constant supply of people wanting to help sell your product for you  (this one is so simple you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it already)  (pg 175)

  • 6 crucial steps (taken from my own experience in making over $500,000 a year from home) that will ensure your internet business is here for the long term (I wish someone had told me these secrets when I was starting out)  (pg 181)

  • 2 powerful case studies of people, just like you, who have started with nothing and created internet businesses that make up to $300,000 a year! (this is what’s important – to hear how beginners have done exactly what you want to do and succeeded) – you’ll even get their website addresses so you can see for yourself what they do to make their money (pg 184)

And that’s not all, this is only a brief glimpse of what I’ve jammed inside its pages.

I’m sure you can see that the lessons contained in this book are super valuable for anyone wanting to break free from their job … earn a little extra money … or throw in their current business for an internet one.


It’s all contained in my book, “How To Make Money While You Sleep – a 7 step plan for starting your own profitable online business.”


For a limited time you can
purchase this book AND as a
 ‘thank you’ bonus spend a day with me as I train you LIVE:


That’s right if you buy this book right now, you will walk away with a once-in-a-lifetime deal:


My main goal with the release of this book is to add massive value to the end user (you). So what comes with this book as a bonus is 2 x $497 tickets to a private seminar with me called “How To Make Money While You Sleep LIVE!”

For 1 whole day I’ll teach you in person the strategies that are contained in the book, but this time you’ll perform most of them on the spot (that’s right, no making excuses here, this is the sort of laser-like focus you need to get going).

I’ll probe you with questions. I’ll give you extra insights. I’ll make things even easier than what I do in the book.

Click on this video below to see what the event is like:


Here’s what else I’ll do…

I’ll give you inside secrets that I didn’t have enough room to include in the book. Even better, I’ll be able to answer your questions LIVE.

"I ordered 'How To Make Money While You Sleep' from my local bookstore and waited in anticipation for its arrival. Hoping it would not be like many of the others I have read I was certainly not disappointed to the point that I continued reading from cover to cover without putting it down. Brett's easy-to-understand steps in his plan clear up all the confusion on how to make money on the internet that will change my life forever. Thanks Brett."
Peter Lockwood, Dandenong, Victoria

*These training events are based in Australia.

Does this sound like a good idea?
To spend a day with me teaching you
 everything you need to know … for FREE?

It’s yours as a gift with my book (That’s okay, you’re welcome!).

Now, something you should know is that yes, you can now purchase this book at any good bookstore. So if you’re desperate to own it this very second, then go for it. It costs AUD$29.95.


If you agree, then let’s get started. Grab a copy now and I look forward to showing you “How To Make Money While You Sleep!”


Brett McFall

P.S.  If you’re someone who wants to actually live your own life and be in charge of your income for once, then this will be the smartest choice you make this year. You CAN start your own online business (even if you’re a complete beginner). You just need to learn how. And my book shows you the lot.


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