For 90-Minute Mastery 

Only a limited 48-hour window has been blocked out for these sessions

This Application Interview... IF you're successful... will likely change your business forever.

Firstly, Brett will talk to you about your business and what you do to help customers get extreme value.

Secondly he will ask you relevant questions about your goals and your vision for your business and your life.

And the 3rd thing Brett will do is discuss with you the 90-Minute Mastery program... his outrageous guarantee... and whether he believes you are a good fit for the program.

90-Minute Mastery Application Criteria:

• You need to be great what you do

• You need to get awesome results for your clients

• You need to be willing to take massive action to succeed

• You must be coachable

• You must take responsibility for your success

• You need to sell something which is $997 or over

• You need to be ready to invest immediately

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